About Flow Bar

Flow Bar is a collaboration between 1-Michelin-star Restaurant JAG and award-winning mixologist Ricky Paiva with the goal of creating a cohabitational space with seamless dynamism for guests across the bar and the restaurant.

Flow Bar is captained by Ricky Paiva, a Californian native and a veteran bartender and icon in the industry. After nearly two decades in the profession he has been appointed the brand ambassador of Bacardi Southeast Asia, led the beverage programme at Massive Collection, Six Senses Hotel, Panamericana and is behind the launch of some of Singapore’s biggest cocktail bars including Manhattan Bar, 14th in World’s 50 Best Bars and 6th in Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

Ricky’s approach to creating memorable cocktails focuses on using fresh and home-made ingredients, from making all his own syrups, bitters and infusions, to hand-cutting ice for his drinks. That combined with seasonal fruits and herbs used in the JAG kitchen Ricky has curated an exciting menu with both recognizable classics and adventurous originals.